This was the kick in the pants I needed! Before this, my confidence had waned and I felt overwhelmed with the prospect of what to do or where to go with my project. In a short period of time, Sue covered so much ground by giving me some solid tools for organization and implementing my work to date, important alternatives and tips, plus the motivation and direction I needed to bring my project to completion.

Thanks again Sue!



It was my privilege to coach the four finalists in the 2006 VenturePrize Competition – Kick Start Category. Each contestant spoke to judges for 10 minutes, then were peppered with questions. The final test was a 5-minute infomercial about their business ideas in front of an audience of over 100. Here are comments from the top two competitors.

Going through the very demanding VenturePrize process, the opportunity was given to me to work with Sue Paulson. Sue was instrumental in helping me develop the confidence required to present my business to a group of Venture Capitalists and Community Business Leaders. Through her guidance, I was able to put together a presentation that was interesting, entertaining, informative and ultimately very successful!

Sue grasped immediately my unique personality and helped me integrate this and make my first-time presentation experience comfortable and positive – an experience that has had a lasting effect on my attitude towards business associates as well as existing and potential customers. Confidence in yourself is the number one key to gaining confidence from others both in business and personal life. Thank you Sue, for helping me get – and stay – on the right track!

Peter Bokis
President and CEO
Wax Words Incorporated

I was recently selected as one of four finalists in a business contest that required us to present to five judges. Although I had experience in public speaking, this was far higher stakes than anything I had ever presented before. As such, it required a different approach. I was so grateful to work with Sue Paulson. She offered many suggestions and most importantly, techniques I could use right away. In addition, her book provided further skills and tips. Not only did I present, I was 1st runner up! Thanks Sue!

Jo-Ann Vacing, CEO, Saucy Cucina Inc.


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