Words That Count!

You have less than 7 seconds to make a memorable first impression with your company’s website or printed pieces.  You have less than 60 seconds when you’re face-to-face. Any impression that is less than compelling can mean that the competition will scoop customers that should be yours.

Do you struggle to find exactly the right words to demonstrate why people should deal with you? Does the story of your business fail to “come alive” when people read about you? Or are you challenged with writing because English is not your first language?

You probably have a passion for your business. You have talents, skills, and you offer great value. But do you or your staff lack the writing skills to powerfully communicate that value to your prospective customers?

If that’s the case, why attempt the writing in-house?  Why risk launching a website, brochure, bio, or company synopsis that proves to be ineffective, even if the graphics and formatting look great?

To Influence Your Readers…

But if you don’t do the writing yourself, where do you get those magic words to influence people to choose your business over all others?

Whether you need a marketing piece, website content, an e-newsletter, or a company brochure; we can create powerfully written material that will engage your readers and urge them to call or buy. The process is painless.  First we ask you questions so we thoroughly understand your business; then we ensure that we are crystal clear about your intended message. Finally, we carefully craft the message that can get the results you want.

To Influence Your Listeners…

In every live audience, there are potential customers who can benefit from your skill set and business acumen. If you’ve ever been asked to “say a few words” at a meeting or a conference event, you may recall working up a sweat as you fretted over your script. Or maybe you’ve struggled with the phrasing for that all-important 60-second infomercial for your weekly networking club.

It doesn’t need to be difficult!

Whether you need to influence, entertain, or create profits, Sue will help you craft the content that packs a punch and leaves your audience wanting more. If you need coaching so your delivery is as powerful as your words, she has that expertise, too.


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